Usable Material is Everywhere!

I am a self proclaimed queen repurpose-er. (Is that a real word?) That being said, it is SO hard for me to throw anything out, without racking my brain in ways to use it. This is a topic I can go on about! (And I have, just ask my poor husband) To keep it simple, I want to show you a little glimpse of how my brain works. Here is a catalog cover of a furniture company that regularly gets delivered to our home.

image image

When I finished lusting over multiple products in their catalog, I took notice to the GORGEOUS chair on the front cover, as well as the heavy weight of the cover paper. It then occurred to me I could easily cut out the image and use it in a design.

And that, my friends, is exactly what I did! The cut out image of a chair I will use in a card design. Check back next Monday to see how I create the card, and the finished product!


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