How to Make it Work

Remember this Table I posted yesterday?


I do not think I added that it seats 6 and we paid $20!! Amazing. I also added yesterday that it will one day be our dining room table after I sand and paint it a satin black, and then I will add some glazing to it. I always like to have a rough idea, not a firm plan when going about DIY projects. Why? Because almost ALWAYS your project will change, or you will have an inspiration mid project and your out come ends up better then the original plan. I realize this might not work for everyone, but it does work for me. And as the saying goes….if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


So yes, we have this table, no chairs, but an awesome solid wood table in a tacky orange stain. After getting it into the house and staring at it every time I walked by it, I had this nagging feeling to use it NOW, not later. So it was my husband’s idea, (good job love) and he suggested it become our dual work/computer desk. Epiphany! Sometimes I swear I married a genius! We moved it into another room, and set it up to be our “command station”. Here it is.



I have not had a chance to sand or paint yet. I just wanted to be able to use this fun table. And why yes, I do work with candles lit! The warm glow and smell is heaven and relaxes my mind for creating. So not perfect, but very useful and it has already proven to be a great work desk. For now, until I find another treasure to bring home.


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