Welcome to DesignsbyJMP! This is my creative outlet for all things design related. I recently Launched my Interior Design business and wanted to create a more casual way to interact with fellow designers, clients, friends, and anyone in between. Let me start by giving a brief overview of who I am!

My name is Julie and a readers digest version of my life would be outlined like this: I grew up in Northeast PA, and we are talking coal country, rural Northeast PA. Where to get to the grocery store, we drive 20-30 minutes. And this seemed normal, until I went to college. I finished my BFA degree at Cazenovia College, in Cazenovia, NY (Go Wildcats!) However, my sophomore year in college I attended a Technology school in Boston, MA. That summer I had a design Internship with a reputable Interior Designer and fell in love with Boston. So, naturally, I just HAD to move back there as soon as possible after graduating from college.

Once back in “Bahston”, I worked as a High End Kitchen and Bath designer, and then as a Salon and Day Spa designer. I also played some higher level volleyball and did light modeling. No runway here, I don’t fit the “hanger” body type. Any who, after my husband and I had our son in 2010, we moved back to PA so I could be closer to my family.

I stayed home with him for his first year and then got into real estate. I was with that company for 2 1/2 yrs, until we were pregnant with our daughter. About this time my husband received a promotion and financially, it made sense to keep me home to raise our children. The best, and HARDEST job in the world! But I have loved every minute of it. After a few months it was very clear that I needed to do something that was just for me. We aren’t talking going shopping, or being part of the “in” crowd. I mean something that was truly about me, that I could do because I wanted to do it.

That’s when it finally hit me to start my own Interior Design business. I always assumed that having my own business would be overwhelming to me. However, as I thought about it, over the years haven’t I done exactly that? Haven’t I given free design advise to friends and family? Helped here and there with remodeling projects, or staging rooms? Eureka!!! Perhaps this isn’t so crazy at all.

So here I am, writing this silly “About Me” page, because it’s what you do. Did I mention that this is the fifth time I have re-written this thing? And who doesn’t love to read a story? I’m launching my own practice, creative a landing site for my design creations, my DIY projects, and all the other design related ideas, happenings, and experiences I encounter. My hope is to be entertaining, encouraging, and hopefully give you inspiration and a few good stories that will make you laugh so hard your side hurts. Thanks for coming with me on my journey.


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