After talking with my husband, and convincing him that I can literally shine sh… I mean, poop, I got him on board to let me try my hand at some DIY projects to breathe new life into old pieces of furniture. There was some push back, but he and I came up with some guidelines, firm guidelines, about my soon to be purchases. The first, and most important one we both agreed to, is real wood furniture.

I’m sure this goes without saying, but there is just no other way to go. That being said, new solid wood furniture can cost you an organ. So sorting through thrift stores, salvage shops, garage sales, auctions, we happened to come across what I believe to be an awesome score. And get this, it came from our neighbor! Yep! Good things come to those who wait. In a random conversation with a neighbor talking about my project for DIY furniture, he mentioned another neighbor getting rid of a table that I might be interested in. So hubby wanders over there using the guidelines we agreed to, and wouldn’t know you it. The table was perfect! Below is a picture of it after the two men carried it into our home. I am going to paint it a satin black and I might do some glazing to get the exact look i want. After that I will have a piece of plexiglass cut, (much cheaper then having a piece of glass cut), and it will be good to go! As I work through the process, I will be sure to update with photos of the work in progress. What do you think of our new table???




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